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If in the world of cars Ferrari or Lamborghini belong to the most luxurious brands, in the world of horses, Arabian horses are just as highly valued. Their breeding began in Arabia fourteen centuries ago and the origin of all today’s Arabian horses is derived from the five legendary Prophet’s mares. However, what makes them so special that even today their prices climb into the millions of Euros and why do they have a growing circle of admirers and breeders?

Already the structure of their body is exceptional – they are smaller, slender, with a beautiful head that it has a so-called squeak profile and expressive eyes can see a person to the bottom of the soul. Attractive exterior is also associated with an extremely elegant movement, the Arabian horse in trot literally swims with wide-open nostrils and a torn silk mane. Thanks to the hard desert breeding, these horses are very modest, but at the same time persistent and devoted to their master. Not in vain it is said that an Arabian choose his man and not man chooses Arabian!

From the Arabian Peninsula, this breed got to Europe during the Crusades and Moorish expansions. Not only many kings and nobles succumbed to their beauty, but also Napoleon Bonaparte, who took part in all the battles only in the saddle of a white Arabian – the last Arabian was in the battle of Watterloo Marengo and outlived his master for many years. From contemporary personalities for example the Watts (Charlie Watts is the drummer of the Rolling Stones), singer Andrea Bocelli and others have surrendered to their beauty. The same breed was at the birth of the English Thoroughbred and used to breed many contemporary modern breeds.

Today he enjoys even greater interest from the professional and lay public, sports-minded owners compete with Arabian in endurance rides, other breeding facilities focus on breeding of racing lines and others on so-called show-horses, i.e. on horses explicitly bred and trained for exhibitions (beauty shows).

Also, in the Czech Republic you have the opportunity to see the essence of these beautiful horses in a two-day period Prague Intercup exhibition, held in the Prague Chuchle arena on the weekend of September 18-19, 2021 (daily from 10:00). On Saturday, first the horses of Czech breeders and owners within the national championship will be viewed and, in the afternoon, together with the whole Sunday fights for champion titles of horses from all over Europe and the Middle East will take place. Prague is regularly visited by horses from royal stables or stables of sheikhs and rulers of countries from Arabian Peninsula (UAE, QAT, KSA, etc.). Czech visitors thus have a unique opportunity to admire their beauty and elegance. The accompanying program and refreshments will be available to each visitor in the place during the entire event and in addition parking and entrance is free of charge. Our magazine is also a regular partner of the event, so we look forward to meeting you all in the weekend of September 18-19 in Chuchle Aréna Prague!

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