The Presidium of the Chamber is the supreme body of the chamber that manages the chamber. Presidium has seven members: president, vice-president, secretary and four members of the presidium. The Presidium meets once a month. Members of Presidium voluntarily hold their functions.

Representatives are elected for the period of ten (10) years with the possibility of re-election. Candidates are obliged to submit their candidacy no later than a week before the elections to Presidium. A business entity who is a member of the Chamber may only have one representative in Presidium. Honorary presidents are invited to Presidium meetings as observers.

  • Presidium decides all crucial questions.
  • The Presidium has a quorum if an absolute majority is present.
  • The decision of the Presidium requires the consent of an absolute majority of the members of the Presidium present

President of the presidium – Peter Závodský

The activity of the Presidium is particularly:

  • determination and approval of long-term chamber development concept
  • election and removal of members of the Presidium of the Chamber
  • change or revocation of the decision of the President of the Chamber
  • change of the statutes of the chamber
  • discuss the implementation of the budget for the previous period and discuss and approve it for the following period
  • to approve the purchase, sale and transfer of real estate of the Chamber
  • to approve the annual financial statements
  • set a higher annual membership fee, decide on the postponement, reduction or waiver of the membership fee, if there are serious reasons for it
  • issue internal guidelines of the Chamber
  • to establish the advisory board of the Chamber, whose members are important personalities from various social spectrum as well as other bodies of the Chamber