The goal of the Chamber of Commerce for the GCC states

The Chamber aims to support the development of mutual relations and trade between the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and the GCC states, as well as technical and economic cooperation between entrepreneurs of interested countries and providing information and assistance to all those interested in them as their partner. The Chamber is engaged in promotional activities, through which it provides useful economic information to help expand cooperation between companies and contribute to the development of business opportunities.

The subject of the chamber is primarily:

  • education, upbringing and development of physical culture
  • research, development, scientific and technical services and information services
  • cooperation on the basis of agreements with business entities
  • organization of seminars, training courses and conferences
  • recreational, cultural and sports activities,
  • cooperation with other associations or organizations outside the Czech Republic
  • initiating and coordinating preparations and implementation of the strategy of sustainable development of the Czech Republic
  • ensuring coordination, programming and implementation of development programs in the Czech Republic
  • coordination of activities with entities involved in ensuring economic and social policy at the local, regional, Czech and international levels
  • coordinating the preparation and implementation of the project, including the acquisition and use of domestic and foreign financial resources for the purpose of regional development and national development

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